Tempogeometrías uno . Redes


Tempogeometrías uno . Redes, is a temporal art work with a concept based at the transformation (im) material on a physical model that is affected on top of a light projection —like a mask mode— and present a visual tension between the matter, time and space. The forms and content in this work, was inspire at the Silvestre Revueltas music made to the “Redes” film, compositional job that gave international fame to Revueltas, becoming at one of the first composers film together with Sergei Prokofiev.

year of creation: 2013

technique: projector 4,000 lumens and computer

programming visual content with adobe afther effects

projection with madmapper

dimensiones: 4.5 x 3.5 meters

exhibition: The Victoria Teatre

credits: christian saucedo – concept & programming

aldo a. rosales, iván rojas – production support

ricardo gonzález, mabel favela – photography & video

The 5th Durango National Film Festival – sponsor

photo library:


Redes 01

Redes 02Redes 03Redes 04


Redes 05

Redes 06Redes 07Redes 08

Redes 09Redes 10Redes 11

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Redes 15Redes 16Redes 17

Redes 18Redes 19Redes 20

Redes 21Redes 22Redes 23

Redes 24Redes 25Redes 26


Redes 27

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