casa-estudio entre dos cerros


Located in the southwest area of Durango City Mexico, the built house was inspired by…

Planning phase: 2014

Execution time: 2014 – 2016

location: durango, mexico

client: private

site area: 210 m²

built area: 130 m²

credits: christian saucedo – concept and design

photo library:


boceto casa-estudio 00


maqueta casa-estudio 00

maqueta casa-estudio 01maqueta casa-estudio 02maqueta casa-estudio 03

maqueta casa-estudio 04

maqueta casa-estudio 05maqueta casa-estudio 06maqueta casa-estudio 07


maqueta casa-estudio 08

maqueta casa-estudio 09maqueta casa-estudio 10maqueta casa-estudio 11

maqueta casa-estudio 12

construction system and materials details

material casa-estudio 00

material casa-estudio 01material casa-estudio 02material casa-estudio 03

material casa-estudio 04material casa-estudio 05material casa-estudio 06

material casa-estudio 07material casa-estudio 08material casa-estudio 09

construction process

proceso constructivo 00

house details

detalle 00

detalle 002detalle 003detalle 004

detalle 005detalle 006detalle 007

detalle 008detalle 009detalle 010

studio details

detalle 11

detalle 012detalle 013detalle 014